World’s richest oil reserve spot located between two valleys in Saudi Arabia

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Time: June 27, 2018

A Saudi geological study revealed the existence of a geographical spot in the Kingdom, considered the richest oil reserve in the world, according to Professor Abdul Aziz bin Laboun, a former oil adviser at Aramco and a professor of geology at King Saud University.

The Saudi expert said that the spot is between al-Sahba wadi (valley) and al-Ramma wadi south of Batha border, and is considered the world’s richest with natural resources.

Both wadis are considered the world’s driest, according to their surface perspective, and carry between them the one of the world’s vast wealth of oil and gas.

Bin Laboun added: “This spot is considered the richest in the world with natural resources from gas to oil and it includes the Saudi Ghawar oil field which is the biggest land field, Burgan oil field in Kuwait, which is the second land field and the Safaniya oil field in Saudi which is considered the world’s biggest sea field.”

The geology professor further explained that beyond the two wadis there are more than 100 gas and oilfields in a number of Gulf countries, but mostly in Saudi Arabia, making the two wadis the world’s richest with oil and gas reserves.

Experts estimate that oil reserves in this spot to be at 440 billion barrels, which makes it a huge amount in a very narrow geographical spot.

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