WWE superstar Mojo Rawley leads training session in Jeddah gym

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Apr 24, 2018 

  • Mojo Rawley put new friends in Saudi Arabia to the test at a Jeddah gym
  • The Greatest Royal Rumble will see 50 WWE athletes compete for glory this Friday

JEDDAH: As personal trainers go, there can be few taskmasters tougher than WWE’s Mojo Rawley as he put new friends in Saudi Arabia to the test.
As time ticks down to WWE’s Greatest Royal Rumble at the King Abdullah Stadium, Mojo Rawley joined locals at a Jeddah gym for the hardest workout of their lives.
The Greatest Royal Rumble will see 50 WWE athletes compete for glory this Friday, but before the event explodes into action, its superstars have been getting out to see Saudi Arabia for themselves.
At one of Saudi Arabia’s biggest gyms, Arena, Mojo led a one-hour training session of intense workouts that had both trainers and trainees gasping for air.
“The reason I can go longer than anyone else in the ring is because I stay here longer than everyone else,” said Mojo as the session participants did their 10th set of drills.

Mojo Rawley who is known for his hype and stamina counts on his ability to outlast most fighters in the ring said: “Running is important, but more so for movers. Sparring is probably the best cardio, but strength training is the best way to prevent the kind of injuries that come from roadwork and sparring. Running helps but if a guy is a lot stronger than you in the clinches it will wear on you and sap your stamina.
“So, I wouldn’t throw out the strength work, even if it’s just pullups and dips. And core and neck strength is super important.”
Mojo said he was surprised by the training session, with some of the participants almost outlasting him.
“Almost is not enough, you have to be able to outlast your opponent in the ring,” said Mojo.
At the gym the athlete put himself through the paces with a wide range of drills sets. From dumbbells to ellipticals to jump rope was no less tough on himself.
Some of the people participating in this event were local TV host Loai Al-Shareef and local food critique Faris Al-Turki.
The Greatest Royal Rumble marks the start of a 10-year partnership between WWE and the General Sports Authority of Saudi Arabia.
Samoa Joe will compete in an Intercontinental Championship Ladder Match against Seth Rollins, Finn Bálor and The Miz in one of an incredible seven Championship matches at the Greatest Royal Rumble event.
WWE fans will also see John Cena vs Triple H, The Undertaker vs. Rusev and Brock Lesnar vs. Roman Reigns in a Steel Cage Universal Championship match.
Tickets are available online at WWE.SA, and are also from retail locations including the General Sports Authority offices in Riyadh and Damman, Red Sea Mall, Mall of Arabia and Al Andalus Mall. Tickets will also be on-sale at the King Abdullah Sports City Stadium beginning Wednesday, April 25.

This article was first published in theArab News

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